Digital Wellbeing
for you and your family

Unplug, manage screen time and achieve balance in your day with Erika.

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Digital Habits

Manage your Screen Time

Erika helps you achieve digital-free focus periods in your day, empowering you to regain control of your time, rest and recover, and be more productive.


Filter unwanted calls and SMS

Unsolicited calls and SMS message can distract us and steal our valuable time.

Stop unsolicited calls from disturbing you

Erika filters out unwanted phone calls and messages that might otherwise distract you.

Focus on messages that matter most

By only allowing important calls and messages through, you can focus on what matters.


Create a healthy digital environment

Empower your children to manage their own screen time and become competent explorers of the internet.

Step by step

How it works

Download the app

Start by simply downloading the app and creating an account.

Start a focus session

Begin either an instant focus session or setup an automatic schedule.

Earn points to collect rewards

Earn points for each session that you successfully complete and claim from a wide range of rewards.


Frequently asked questions

How does Erika work?

Erika supports the Digital Wellbeing of you and your family. She helps you control your screen-time dependency by rewarding you for creating digital-free focus periods in your day and for achieving your daily screen-time goals. Erika also protects you and your family from unwanted calls and texts that distract you and put you at risk online. Erika freemium protects you from unwanted calls & SMS on your mobile. Erika Plus users gain access to our screen-time management & rewards tools, plus live helpline support for any internet safety or family Digital Wellbeing questions that Erika Plus users may have.

How much does Erika cost?

The standard features of Erika are free for all users. Erika Plus is available through a monthly subscription and also to users who have had it provided for them by their employer or home insurer. If you’d like Erika to be provided for by your employer please register your interest at and we’d love to make an application on your behalf.

Does my employer see my data if they buy Erika for me?

No – Erika Plus is bought by HR teams as an employee benefit to provide for the digital wellbeing and security of employees across the UK and US. You own your Erika account and your data is your own. No data is seen, transferred or shared with your employer. After you leave employment your Erika account will move onto the freemium plan and you take your account and data with you.

What is the Erika community?

The Erika community is the world’s first crowd-driven online safety protection system. Become part of the Erika community by creating an Erika Account and receive warning from other Erika users when the call you are receiving, or the SMS in your inbox, is malicious. If you or your family have identified a caller or SMS sender as malicious, you can warn the Erika community in real-time and keep others protected.

What data do you see and store about me?

Erika’s support services are delivered by Erika consultants and 3rd party specialists in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with our terms of service and privacy policy. Erika's screen-time management tools operate within Apple's privacy-by-design policy. Erika’s internet safety technology has been trained to analyse and identify bad websites, calls, SMS messages, online profiles and emails. No human sees any messages until one is flagged as malicious or spam, after which Erika’s fraud prevention team will view the message to help train and improve Erika and the community’s protection. Erika processes only the data necessary to give you the service & protection you need and no data is stored for longer than is required to deliver this support. Erika is a UK-registered company with data centres in the UK. Our data handling and privacy procedures have been marked against the world’s leading data security standard, ISO 27001, for which we are accredited. For full details on how we use your data please refer to the privacy policy.

Where can I get Erika?

Erika is available for iOS devices running iOS 15 and later. Erika for Android is planned for 2023.


What people say about us

“I’ve become aware of the impact that digital is having on my ability to switch off during downtime and to Be Present. Erika has helped me regain those basic needs.”

Rachel M

"Call and SMS filtering is user community driven and works well. Simple setup and clear explanations of how my data is protected and kept private."

Tom H

“Digital wellbeing has become important for me and for my family. Erika is a great product that gives support to both the direct and indirect internet risks.”

Chris E