Social media
on your terms

Study distraction free, get more time in your day and detox when you need to

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Unplug anytime, anywhere,
by making apps invisible,
without deleting your data

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Hide apps temporarily to free yourself from distraction when needing to study and keep your focus razor-sharp when it matters.



Take a break from your social feeds by hiding apps for time periods of your choosing. A short-term break? A long-term detox? You’re in control.

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Control the scroll

Make your apps invisible when daily usage limits are reached and do more of the other things you love.

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Achieve more

Automate apps to disappear when usage limits are reached

Unplug to a time schedule that you set

Get sponsored for your achievements

Personalise your profile with Bitmojis

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Friends & Leagues

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“A really easy to use app that I'm loving. Love the feature of apps disappearing after app limits have been reached - it’s definitely stopping me from jumping on TikTok out of habit. Nice work.  ”
by Bagendon
“ A guy handed me a leaflet on my way home from school which caught my eve as this is the sort of thing which I have been after: an easy to use app that clears distractions and makes it easier to study. ”
by sbsb228
“ A great app to be free from the temptation of my reels when I need it. Great for homework and when I just fancy a break. The league system is fun and works well to motivate.”
by PCho Eds